Jennifer Brucato, AWMA®, FPQP™

Jennifer Brucato, AWMA®, FPQP™

Associate Financial Planner/Accredited Wealth Management Advisor Professional

Jenny, as she is known to her friends, is a graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.   After working in customer services for years, she joined Asset Management Group in March 2017 as a Client Services Assistant and was recently promoted to Client Services Coordinator.  Her responsibilities are to assist clients with answers to questions and to work closely with the firm's other Financial Planners and Paraplanners.  She brings diplomatic and shrewd instincts to the firm, and is responsible for addressing all aspects of the firm’s clients financial planning and administrative needs.  A resident of Norwalk, Jenny is an avid baker and lover of cooking.  She and her husband enjoy playing with their puppies, solving problems, and spending time outdoors with s'mores and bonfires.  Jenny's aspirations include working towards a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

A financial paraplanner is a professional who works in a financial planning firm and provides support to financial planners in creating and implementing financial plans for clients. They work closely with financial planners to gather and analyze client data, develop financial planning strategies, and prepare client reports and presentations.

The specific responsibilities of a financial paraplanner may vary depending on the financial planning firm, but they typically include:
• Conducting research and analysis to help financial planners develop comprehensive financial plans for clients
• Preparing client reports and presentations, including financial statements, investment performance reports, and retirement projections
• Reviewing client accounts and portfolios to ensure that they align with the client's financial goals and objectives
• Collaborating with financial planners to develop investment strategies and recommend appropriate investment products
• Assisting with the implementation of financial plans and investment recommendations
• Providing excellent customer service to clients by responding to their inquiries and requests in a timely and professional manner.

In general, a financial paraplanner plays a critical role in supporting financial planners in the creation and implementation of financial plans for clients. They help to ensure that clients receive comprehensive and personalized financial planning services and support the growth and success of the financial planning firm.